Friends of Jim (In no particular order)

Feel Free to call them for any services they provide.

Len Palik Len is my partner in Poly Rock, Radon Rock, and Trace Rock.
Shelley Campbell Shelley is a porter at Foot Hills Hospital.
Blake Morley Blake works on prototypes with me and is owner of FOX GOLDWINGS
Kimberley Kehler

Kim is a specialist in Marine Safety Consulting.

Her Website is

Tim Wiemken Tim drives a truck doing general delivery. He is always helpful for discussing new ventures.
Kerry Martinson Kerry (Okanagan Wolfman) is a great showman and is involved in many aspects of my radio ventures.
Charlie Hodge Charlie runs a media consulting company and does script writing for my projects.

Charlie's Email

Brenda & Steve Rayburn Brenda is Marketing Manager for Best Western Kelowna and is always a great help in exploring new ventures. Brenda's Email

Steve operates Rayburn Construction and Renovation.

Jackie Gutknect Jackie is a hard working entrepreneur and is owner of Onroute Oil Services
Luis Goncalves Luis is owner of BC Turtle Tanks
Bill Matzelle Bill is a good friend and the best dam mechanic you will ever find.
Ed Hornby Ed and I have building stuff since our first go carts back in 1969.
Willie and Val Dobbin Willie and Val run Wiltech Developments.
Angela Kuefler Angela Kuefler Operates
Lloyd Manchester Lloyd is a sustainability consultant and is involved in a variety of business activities related to care of our planet. Email Lloyd
Mel Clifford Mel is a consultant involved in many aspects of business and personal improvement. Mel's Website Email Mel
Gisela Scholze Gisela (Gig) is a highly experience commercial interior designer.
Mark Ameerali Mark is CEO of Maple Equity and is an expert in EXEMPT MARKET SECURITIES.
Geoff is owner of Aspire Media and helped Johanne Gutenburg develop his unique printing press; okay maybe that's pushing it.... Geoff's been around media for a long time.
Geoff Millar
Lana Caswell Lana Caswell is a friend that helps Jim with his ventures. She has a great House Boat that is a pleasure to be out on.