Dome Homes...are Dream Homes

The thought of living in a big dome will quickly become a very positive thought once you have been in one or two.... or more, like I have. With so many positive attributes they are truly dream homes.

Even though it is rare to see one...there are thousands throughout the world. THIS LINK will take you to the South Family's Monolithic Dome website to show many dome homes. My favorite is the YUMADOME that I visited back in 2003 in Yuma, Arizona.

The technology (developed by the South Family) is relatively simple as shown by the diagram above.

This LINK HERE will take you to a variety of YouTube videos involving modern concrete dome construction.

Outside of building various concrete domes over the years, I have my ENVIROMIX CONCRETE MIXING TECHNOLOGY and my GUNITE EQUIPMENT making the construction of a dome home somewhat easier.

If you are interested in discussing dome home construction, feel free to CONTACT ME.

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